2nd August 2015

‘Fishing Masterclass’ is a Queensland based business specialising in high end fishing knowledge, providing beginner to advanced training courses. Business proprietor, Johnny Mitchell has recorded and questioned his fishing results for 35 years compiling a fascinating collection of forward-thinking knowledge.

Our studies show a growing number of fellow anglers with a thirst to learn, yet at the same time identifying patterns and missing links between fish and fisherman. Pressured coastal waters breed new generation fish behaviour, making them increasingly harder to catch.

Thousands of hours of intense observation and problem solving through commercial fishing, professional guiding, hunting and filmmaking opened the mind to an exciting way of learning. It’s a remarkable, earthy style that ‘Fishing Masterclass’ shares, inviting anglers to walk an extraordinary pathway that provides incredible rewards.

Take the road less traveled… enjoy a series of courses and live seminars that improve angler standing, turning dreams into reality.

Johnny Mitchell