Darwin Metre-class
15th November 2017

Fishing Masterclass completed two successful training seminars in Darwin during October, 2017 . The seminar is returning due to request, new dates set for the 16th and 17th December, 2017. The seminar is currently open for registration- please click on the seminars page.

NT clients having completed the seminar in October pushed into a new world of thinking, strategising and applied their new approach to fishing with immediate results- halving their fishing time to score greater results on 90 to 100cm+ wild saltwater barramundi.

I managed to fish and explore in the ‘Queenslander’ while in the NT, finding barra schools via the masterclass system by overlaying knowledge onto charts of the local area. On day one, a significant barra school had been found on sonar within 10 minutes of sounding areas marked from home- 20 mins later, two 85- 90cm fish had been hooked. The most memorable session included a mad bite on 90 to metre-plus salties averaging just under a metre in length using an uncommon cast and retrieve technique.

All our business elements have been rolled into a new website which is to be launched in early December. Stories, updates and some significant fishing reports from clients with recent captures to 1230mm, plus a story on how a keen angler utilised the masterclass system to achieve his dream and win a barramundi competition in Qld will be available. These stories, plus more will be published on the new site, shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience and this site looking a little bare.

Johnny Mitchell