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4th March 2017

Metre plus barramundi are being lured from the murks of flood waters in the Northern Territory by anglers applying the Queensland-based masterclass barramundi system. Keen anglers have travelled from Darwin and Weipa to Gladstone in Queensland to learn the art and finer points most anglers simply overlook.

A metre-plus wild barra caught in the Northern Territory via the masterclass system.

Anglers are looking in places they’d have never considered would hold large barramundi and refining their fishing times and methods to extract large fish and numbers of fish that are simply blowing their mind. Predicting hot bites before they occur, taking necessary action to problem solve and place themselves in better positions result in greater catches – with less effort.

The value sits in a systematic approach backfilled with a collective of super-fine detail about barra behaviour. The system isn’t found in books or magazines and the information is explained in a way that joins a crazy picture together like an inspiring jigsaw-puzzle. What masterclass anglers find is they make decisions because they now ‘know’ rather than simply ‘guess and hope’. They learn to see again, and recognise that modern life steered them off course.

Quotes such as “..opened my eyes to a new world” and “an exceptional standard of information” are common trending themes in testimonials and feedback forms.



Efficiency skyrockets because the masterclass way teaches anglers to adapt, to every minute of the day. When we say every minute of the day, that’s precisely what we mean. You no longer cast robotically, you actually become stimulated by the ‘secret herbs and spices’ that control barramundi. Once anglers are taught what to look for and which chess pieces to move, they become attuned to an incredible level of knowledge, then through application of skills draw the results they often dream about. One client even sent a text message after predicting a hot bite where all hell broke loose, and said “..you’re a bloody genius.”

Excitement occurs for believers who slow down and apply this unique system- it’s even showing on an increasing number of occasions to change anglers’ ways and results in just hours of completing the seminar.

I find the system works best when anglers come and find us rather than heavily advertising. Once anglers recognise the importance, they come knocking.

This is about using a recipe, not just having the ingredients.

fmc barra mixed collage low
Recent saltwater barra captures including 1240mm, 1250mm and 1280mm- all caught via the masterclass system.

1200mm wild fish are landing in the arms of masterclass anglers more frequently, with 1280mm and 1300mm captures forming just two of a significant list of 1200mm + whoppers caught recently. (Check in the news section for whopper stories)

Feel free to make contact if you’d like the masterclass seminar delivered to your town.  We recently had enrollments from Cairns and Townsville. Professional guides are completing this seminar as well as competition barramundi anglers. Why- because it’s the edge in barramundi angling Australia has been looking for.

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Johnny Mitchell