3rd January 2017
Greg Rogers shares his experience applying the Masterclass system, a refined strategy that increases results.

“I’d be glad to string a few words together about your Barra Masterclass – about the thrill of a plan working.

I would like a dollar for every fishing magazine purchased with the intention of looking for the secret combination to catching quality fish. After completing a Barra Masterclass with Johnny, I got to learn that information comes in many forms.

The Barra Masterclass course included fishing with plastics, hard bodied lures and my personal favourite, live baiting, with special attention on how to collate information and techniques to regularly catch good fish via a process that works.

I’ve found the old adages, ‘Keep it Simple, How, When, Where and Why’, apply.

My attention has now turned away from just fishing whenever I have the time, to planning days or weeks before for the best windows, comparing many different apps for weather forecasts, tides, moon tables and also using learned fish behaviour, all in order to get a better understanding of how to catch not any fish, but the better fish.

Following this process alone has made for an awesome year of fishing, having many hot bites, with the pinnacle being hooking my New South Wales cousin up with a catch of a lifetime, a 1.3m Barra.

The day before our planned expedition we watched Johnny’s movie ‘Wild Adventures Port Alma and Fitzroy River’ which showed Barra of a metre + being caught, showing a well-travelled fishing nut like Russ that catching the fish of a lifetime is a possibility in the Central Queensland area and not just in the Northern Territory.

A large thunder storm ensued that night, and the plan was to attack early, and set up in likely areas. My main aim was to fish between 8am-11am. While cast netting for bait an 800 mm+ Barra exploded beside the boat, all the triggers were starting to line up, tidal movement, weather and fish chasing bait. With that we decided to set some live baits, and after waiting only 20 minutes, Russ was on. Fish on-board, measured, photo taken and released successfully. As I look back on that moment it was all over so quick, but the look on Russ’s face will stay with me the rest of my life.


Russell Case 1.3m saltwater Barra.

This not only works when fishing for Barra, catching anything from Flathead, Blue and King Salmon as bycatch using this process.

This brings me to another highlight for the year with my uncle Colin (94 yrs) and my Father Alan (84 yrs) itching for a fish, so I turned to targeting King Salmon since barra season was closed, so to give them a chance to catch something, I did a reconnaissance down the river the day before, scanning areas of interest, I found a few fish on the sounder which looked good, so I sat back and observed the area looking for what influence the tide had on the area, hoping that my research would help them catch a fish.

The next day we started early with only four live pop-eye mullet on-board, we pulled up on the spot with half an hour before the tide turning, I set their lines out with a live mullet each. About 10mins after the tide turned Uncle Colin’s line started to pay out off the bait-runner and he was on to a big king salmon of 1.15m, then about 20mins after landing that, my father Alan’s rod went off, a king salmon at 1.2m. They both fought and reeled the fish in on their own, beating their previous best.

Calling it a day we headed home content.  Plan achieved.  As we headed off, I looked on the sounder- it was showing many fish over the metre in that same spot. A mental note taken and lesson learnt, I just hope I’m still catching fish at 94 yrs old.


Colin Randles 1.15m and Alan Rogers 1.2m King.


Earlier in the year, what a thrill for Kelsey, her first fish from a boat, a 1.2m Kingy. She also landed a 91cm Barra on that day.

If you’re serious about fishing, I recommend the saltwater barramundi masterclass seminar.”

Yours in fishing,

Greg Rogers.