1250mm salty masterclass Head
9th February 2017

Mindset is just one of many subjects covered in our masterclass seminar and is heavily responsible for how anglers use their collective knowledge. A brain full of scattered information is near useless unless the fisher understands how to use that knowledge. Having a simple but effective system in place allows an angler to make better decisions because they ‘know’ rather than ‘guess’.  When anglers ‘know’ they’re more likely to obtain positive results and find themselves in better situations more often than not.

Another masterclass angler took his knowledge and fishing experience to the next level this week through positive mindset and by knowing how the environment affects the fish. In doing so, was able to predict the strike of a 1250 mm wild barramundi moments before it happened. This skill is formulated by paying attention to an extensive number of combining factors that turn fish on and off all day. (It’s not one thing, it’s many and quite complex)

Eventually this skillset becomes instinctual where the angler synchronises with the barramundi and becomes tuned to their minute-by-minute behavioural changes without even having to think about it. Anglers have to learn with an open mind if they wish to reach that level of understanding and remove the barrier that limits progression.

1250mm masterclass angler low 1100 x 386

The angler (who also wishes to remain anonymous) used his observational skills matched with the rest of the tactical equation to be mentally ‘locked in’ prior to the moment the fish struck the retrieved lure. When you’re ready mentally and physically there’s near very little chance of a hooked fish getting the upper hand. It’s a proud and fulfilling moment when anglers call or make contact and share their experiences and exciting results.

It’s also a great example of how fishing can be taken seriously and anglers perform at much higher levels and achieve results (catches) that can easily be fobbed off as flukes where in fact fish-of-a-lifetime can actually become weekly possibilities.

Seeing anglers rewarded for their extra effort and input into their very own passion is exciting. Once they’re on that path they’ll never fall off……

Johnny Mitchell

“The masterclass has changed my outlook on fishing immensely. It gives me confidence in proven tactics to allow big barra success.” Anonymous Masterclass Angler