1280mm FMC salty
23rd February 2017


Many anglers that knock on our Fishing Masterclass doors are ‘thinking anglers’, guys that want success and use every trick in the book to beat the opponent- big wild saltwater barramundi. Anglers having completed the masterclass seminar were invited to apply their knowledge in a recent competition where the goal was to reach a 1200mm target size as a minimum. The competition lasted less than 13 hours. At least four anglers (NT and QLD) hooked 1200mm + saltwater fish. Some fought large fish for more than two minutes before having the lure spat back mid air, others learnt lessons on tackle choices while another angler had tackle failure.

1280mm FMC salty Highest (1)

The winner stepped outside the boundaries of ‘easy fishing’ to find himself staring at the challenge with degrading conditions and unfavourable occurrences. Applying one our advanced lure fishing techniques on difficult fish whilst taking his own skills to the next level the winner managed a 1280mm saltwater barramundi. He will also take home $500.00 for his efforts. Masterclass anglers will be invited to engage in an even greater challenge in the month of March where they can fine-tune their skill sets and move to even higher levels of understanding with barramundi and the natural world.

Knowing these anglers are striving for results and reaching major targets weekly is a buzz and credit goes to these anglers doing the work required to make exceptional catches. When anglers understand the reasons why fish behave like they do and when and where they move- they become deadly hunters!

12 saltwater barramundi over 1200mm have been caught by masterclass anglers in the last 23 days. Some anglers prefer to remain anonymous, to avoid becoming a target.

We are running a masterclass seminar in Cairns this weekend 25th-26th February, 2017 and another in Gladstone on March 11th-12th, 2017. Check out the site for seminar details.