A 1200mm wild barramundi captured on a lure by a skilled angler refining his techniques.
10th February 2017

Refining the masterclass system takes anglers time, time to experience the multitude of possible scenarios and cycles nature shares, and the investment of time to master each element of the trade. It’s not basic barra talk, it’s a science and entire fine-art rolled into one end product.

You see the world through a new set of eyes, and begin to act and process information like never before. You become driven by external influences and enter an almost prehistoric world, one far afield from common place.

Since barra open season another developing masterclass angler has captured 1200mm and 1180mm saltwater barramundi whilst practicing and refining the art. The angler (who also wishes to keep his identity and new knowledge to himself) is working on areas of weakness to turn them into his strengths so he can advance to the next level in progression.

When anglers have strong passion, drive and a thirst to fulfill their true fishing potential, fish like the 1200mm lure caught wild barra simply become a part of the new journey while merging with earth’s magical story.